Top Decorating Color Trends

Thinking of redecorating your living room? What about coordinating so that your common areas and bedrooms flow perfectly from one to the other smoothly and beautifully?

There are a number of decorating directions you can take, but one of the most exciting is to find out the popular trends of the year. This can guide you toward a style that is both beautiful and modern, making your home the envy of the neighborhood. When planning for window coverings, interior design additions, or the finishing touches on a redecorating project, consider these top trends in decorating colors.

Lovely Lilacs

A color typically associated with little princesses, there has been a boom in use of this lovely color for sophisticated, modern homes. When used properly and mixed with variety of lighter and darker shades, lilac, lavender, and purple can create an elegant and relaxing room.

Deep Blues

Take a note from stormy summer skies and incorporate rich, dark blues and teals into your design. These shades contrast nicely with white accents, wicker furniture, or stately dark wood. These bold colors work well in large rooms, or can be the perfect accent wall to add some depth and color to a smaller room.

Milky Blues

If the dark, bold blues aren’t your thing, consider a milky, faded shade instead. Similar to many European designs, light blue shades can create a calming, homey atmosphere that is still bright enough to get work done in. Perfect for offices, kitchens, or other multiuse rooms, a touch of this classic color can make your space look bigger and brighter.

Dark Greens

Capture the mysterious elements of a forbidden forest with a dark, saturated green. These shades perfectly camouflage areas that miss natural light, or look great highlighted with sunlight streaming through windows. Just like the dark blues discussed above, these colors are great to dominate a larger room or used as an accent wall in smaller rooms. Pair with neutral accessories and decorations to truly bring out the beauty.

Clean White Walls

Renters and minimalists rejoice! 2016 is the year to go with a purposefully plain background. The simplicity and ease of a white color scheme for your walls and carpets opens up your choices for accents and furniture. Your window coverings, decorations, and artwork can be taken up a notch when paired with a quiet background, allowing your unique taste to stand out even more.

No matter what sorts of colors you find appealing, there is always something that can meet your desires. When you consult with a decorator, make sure you know what you’d like—or, if you have no idea, make sure you know what you don’t like! Browsing through pictures online, visiting friends’ houses, or simply looking through color selections can help you develop your ideas and decide where to begin. Once you meet with your experienced decorator in New Jersey, you can decide which options you’d like the most!

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