Why You Might Need a Tree Removed

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Trees provide shade for your house and garden; they can even reduce your cooling costs since they cut down on the direct sunlight. Also, they serve as storm breaks that keep your home safer in case of a strong storm. Also, trees work to pull carbon dioxide from the air and release oxygen. They’re integral elements to reducing pollution and greenhouse gases. For that reason, most people want to preserve as many trees as possible; however, in some cases, it might be unwise to keep certain trees around your property.

Dangerous Trees

You might need a tree removed from your property if it has grown to a point that it has become a danger, if it is the wrong tree for its placement, or if it has died. If a tree is allowed to grow without any kind of limits, it will eventually grow so large that its branches could fall on your home, your car, or yourself, which is a serious danger. Furthermore, the tree itself can become top-heavy and unwieldy. That will lead to it being more likely to blow over during a strong storm. Obviously, you want to avoid such a catastrophe. That will make it a prime candidate for tree removal in Perth, WA.

Furthermore, a tree can grow too large underground. Typically, the spread of a tree’s roots are about as wide as the spread of a tree’s branches. In some cases, the roots are even wider. That means that if the branches are hanging over your house, the roots are likely moving under your house. They can undermine the foundation, crack the concrete, and damage your pipes. These are all serious dangers you need to address as soon as possible.

Dying Trees

If a tree is dying, it can be a danger to your home since dead trees are more likely to blow over when the wind blows. Also, dead trees are just taking up space. They are no longer sequestering carbon from the atmosphere or providing living space for animals. Instead, they are great living spaces for many types of bugs. Oftentimes, a termite infestation in your home actually begins in your yard. The termites will move into the dead wood of a tree in your yard, and then move on to your house. If you eliminate the dead trees in your yard, it will help you eliminate the pests that come with them.

A dying tree can also be put to good use. Depending on the type of tree, you can use it as firewood. Alternately, you can have the tree removers mulch the stump of the tree and spread that mulch to improve the overall health of your lawn. These are just a few of the things you can do with a dead tree that’s been removed from your property.

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