The Two Most Important Questions about Your Roofing Solution: Asked and Answered

If you’ve been trying to pin down the true value of upgrading or repairing your roofing provisions, there are two critical questions that you have to address before reaching out to a contractor in your vicinity:

What Is the Best Time of Year to Schedule a Roofing Project?

As a rule of thumb, you should always facilitate roof refurbishments during the summertime when the weather is agreeable and the days are longer. Between June and August, professional roofers can complete even the most extensive renovations in as little as two or three days, which considerably decreases labour expenditures for any homeowner.

However, it’s also important to note that home values are currently on the rise. According to recent reports, property values across the UK surged by roughly €3,500-€4,500 per building during the first quarter of 2018 (February through April), which makes it the perfect time to maximise your ROI on any type of project.

How Much Money Can I Add to My Home with a Re-Roofing Endeavour?

If you facilitate a personalised overhaul with a qualified roofing company in Calne, your return on investment will be directly correlated to the age of your existing roof:

  • If your roof is between five to eight years old, you can add anywhere between €3,000-€5,000 to your building’s listing price.
  • For a visibly aged roof that’s eight to 12 years old, a refurbishment will boost your home’s appraisal value by up to €10,000.
  • If you reside in an affluent neighbourhood and haven’t addressed your roof for at least 13 years, a bespoke roof renovation can enhance your property’s market value by as much as €15,000.

To boot, a new roof can markedly improve your structure’s thermal envelope and decrease internal heat transfer by anywhere from 15% to 35% so be sure to arrange a consultation with a reputable roofing contractor during the upcoming summer months.


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