The Many Benefits Of Tree Trimming

In Australia, we get pretty hot weather at times and anything that is going to provide shade is very welcome. Trees are a great way to provide some respite from the heat and the glaring sun, but sometimes the trees get a little out of hand and before you know it, they are so tall and wide that you are not able to maintain them yourself anymore. Getting your tree trimmed or pruned is essential if your trees are to remain looking good and remain as healthy as they can be. Keeping them in check, so that they don’t grow too tall and maybe touch electrical wires above, and keeping them trimmed so they don’t invade onto your neighbour’s property, is essential.

There are many types of pruning, reducing and tree trimming services available and companies like Arborcomm in Perth provide services like fine pruning, standard pruning, hazzard trimming and crown reduction trimming. There are many benefits to trimming your trees and we will look at just some of them here.

  1. Improves Health – Giving your trees the proper trimming is a great way to keep them healthy. This service takes away all the branches that are currently dead or are on their way to dying. You need to remove them because they present a danger to you, your family and your neighbours. If the wind picks up, they could be thrown through the air and through your windows and that is going to be expensive to fix. Trimming can also prevent the decay of the branches occurring in the first place.
  2. Improves Appearance – Proper trimming makes your trees look great all the time while also protecting its structure. It is equally important to make sure that there are no weak branches on the tree, as well as making sure that the branch doesn’t get too broad as well. Regular trimming stops branches crossing over and competing for space at the crown of the tree.
  3. Better Circulation – Pruning and trimming the tree allows more sun to get through, and air is allowed to circulate better. The tree will get more sun to allow it to flourish and your lawn underneath the tree will get the necessary sun to grow. A lot of the time, the lawn doesn’t get enough sun to grow and ends up dying at the foot of, and around the base of the tree.
  4. More Fruit – If the tree that you have is a fruit tree, then regular pruning means that the size and quantity of the fruit growing on it will improve. Your fruit tree needs to be pruned in the colder months to allow the centre of the tree to get more sunlight. If your trees are just newly planted, then they too, need to be pruned due to root loss and also to start training the tree in the shape that you want.

If you have trees in your garden, check with the professionals as to when they need to be pruned. Different trees need to be pruned at different times of the year.

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