The Importance of Clean Solar Panels

Millions of people around the country have turned to the use of solar panels on the roofs of their homes to generate extra electrical power. In some cases, this additional power generation is so significant that it can even be stored in special batteries attached to the home.

Why Go Solar?

The importance of renewable energy and solar panels specifically cannot be underestimated in a world where we are so concerned with environmental impact on the planet. Given that much of the country still relies heavily on coal-fired electrical power, we are contributing to damage to the environment whenever we use a trickle of power from the grid. When we invest in renewable energy such as solar panel technology, we go a long way to reducing our carbon footprint and the negative impact on our environment.

Many people have had solar panels installed on their rooftops. In the hot climate that exists in many regions of Australia, solar energy is a resource that can easily be harnessed and used to ease the pressure on existing base-load electrical generation services.

Of course, many people invest in solar panel technology and then forget that it is there. They assume that it will do its job of capturing and converting solar energy into electrical power and reduce their energy bills. One of the biggest problems with this approach is that solar panels do become clouded and dirty over time. This can cut their effectiveness and result in less savings each and every month. The good news is that companies that specialise in solar panel cleaning in Perth can help.

Why Clean Your Solar Panels?

Solar panels will inevitably become dirty over time in the following ways:

  • The minerals in rainwater will become attached to panels and cause cloudiness.
  • Leaves and other organic debris such as bird faecal deposits will obstruct the efficiency of the delicate solar cells contained in the panel.

In any of these cases, less solar energy will be absorbed by the solar cells and therefore less energy will be converted into electricity. So, what can a solar panel cleaning company do?

Why Hire a Solar Panel Cleaning Company?

Many people who notice that their solar panels are looking a little dirty or clouded will simply climb onto the roof and start cleaning them with a wet cloth and a sponge. They will often use harsh chemicals and cleaning products that could even damage the solar panels themselves. Micro scratches, for example, can cause less solar energy to be captured by the solar cells.

A professional solar panel cleaning company understands how to clean solar panels effectively so that they are undamaged and can do their job more efficiently.



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