Bedroom Design Ideas for a Fabulous Space

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The kitchen is often thought of as the most popular or favorite space in the home but a very close second is the bedroom. For some families the parent’s bedroom is the most cherished spot in the house. Certainly for most of us more time is spent in the bedroom than any other room in our home.  Lots of wonderful memories are created in what we now call the master sweet like story time,  the favorite go to spot when little ones are afraid of the storm or simply for a little snuggle time with mom and dad.   Bedrooms are special because they are the place where we go to for rest and relaxation, our own little private retreat.  Bedrooms are very personal and should reflect our own style and personality and it can with a few properly used bedroom design ideas.

Bedroom design ideas are fantastic tools that can be used in order to help us create both the look and functionality that we desire for our oasis. Whether our bedroom is large or small if the right bedroom design ideas are used our favorite space can be brought to life.

Master Bedroom

The largest bedroom in a home is the master bedroom and usually includes a walk-in closet as well as a full bathroom and often times a sitting or reading area.  Some master bedrooms even included a small office or work space.  Because of all of the functional uses of a master bedroom, bedroom design ideas are a must.  Everything from proper lighting, storage solutions to furniture placement has to be planned in order to create a great space.  Neglecting to prepare the best lighting for your bedroom needs can create an uncomfortable experience, for example if you are a reader who sometimes enjoys taking on a good book in bed than you might want options that allow you to read without having to leave your bed to adjust the lighting.  Regarding storage you may also want to consider a bedroom design idea that offers an attractive space for storing your reading materials.    Does your furniture placement allow natural sunlight to illuminate your room; if not good bedroom design ideas can help solve that problem.

Children’s Rooms

A child’s bedroom may not need the same level of attention to detail as the master bedroom but good bedroom design ideas can be a huge help here also.  Bedroom design ideas like color choice can really provide your child with a stand-out room.  It is important to pay attention to the detail here because the wrong use of color or bad furniture placement can affect your child’s sleeping habits and if kids can’t sleep parents can’t either.  Being able to incorporate a child’s interests in their bedroom is important.  Including your child’s interest in their bedroom design can help them feel valued and assist in creating a positive self-image

Bedroom design can be tricky but if you are a do-it-yourselfer, interior design catalogs can be a big help.  If you are not into tackling DIY projects, then hiring a professional that can provide you with great bedroom design ideas is the way to go.

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