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Repairing the Drain Pipes

Many homeowners do not know how to maintain their drain pipes properly. The drain pipes in your house usually run under the floor, and are designed to carry wastewater from your house to the main sewage lines running out in the street. However, if you do not maintain the pipes properly, it won’t be long before a major plumbing emergency arises.

Common Problems

Drain pipes are slightly bigger than the standard pipes running through the house, and are usually made from PVC or other durable materials. Drain pipes are susceptible to a lot of damage over time. Most of the damage is caused due to poor maintenance by the users. Some of the things that can cause damage to your drain pipes include the following:

  • Solid items getting stuck in the drain pipes
  • A build-up of hair in the pipes
  • Pipes beginning to choke due to oily and fatty substances

You might have heard plumbers talking about “fatbergs” forming in sewers or drain pipes. Drain repairs in Leeds are offered by a number of local companies in the area. You can contact them if you are interested in getting your drain pipes repaired.


A bigger point of contention is determining exactly where the leakage lies. When you contact a local company for an inspection, they will visit your property in order to check the drain pipes carefully. This is important, as it will help them determine exactly where the leakage lies, and they will then be able to suggest a suitable cleaning method.



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