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Pull and Twist – Refreshes Bathrooms and Saves Toilet Paper

One of the things that contribute to environmental destruction is the excessive use of toilet paper. In many homes, toilet paper tends to be the most wasted item due to lack of a mechanism for efficient use. At this time when calls for environmental restoration and conservation  are intensifying, we have no choice but to embrace eco-responsible products in all areas of life. In the bid to help households reduce the excessive use of toilet paper and remove bathroom odors, Ready Go Planet have developed an eco-responsible product known as “Pull and Twist.” This product freshens up your bathroom and saves toilet paper. With “Pull and Twist,” you’ll be able to use the number of sheets of toilet paper you need hence eliminating wastage. This innovative product will not only help you save money, but it will also contribute to environmental conservation; saving our planet.

How does “Pull and Twist” work?

The “Pull and Twist” works with a simple mechanical prototype constructed by Ready Go Planet. As you may have noticed, the diameter of the inside of the roll is often oversized. This causes the toilet paper to loosen with every use leading to excessive use. “Pull and Twist” uses a simple, unique spring mechanism to prevent toilet paper wastage. With just two clicks, the product auto-adjusts the size of the diameter, allowing you to efficiently use the number of sheets of paper you’ll need. Essentially, “Pull and Twist” efficiently distributes the paper you need and ensures there is correct unwinding to avoid waste.

“Pull and Twist” comes with spring time scented clips which are inserted inside the product, so each time you pull, you’ll refresh your bathroom.

“Pull and Twist” is available in three packs –the duo pack kit, one house kit, and the family and friends kit. The duo pack kit costs $14 and includes 2 Pull and Twist and 2 bonus promo spring time scented clips.  The one house kit costs $20 and includes 3 Pull and Twist and comes with 3 bonus promo spring time scented clips. The family and friends kit includes 5 Pull and Twist costs $30 and includes 5 bonus promo spring time scented clips.

“Pull and Twist” by Ready Go Planet is an innovative toilet device that not only helps households to save toilet paper but also refreshes the bathroom after every use. The product is affordable and adapts to toilet paper dispensers in homes, caravans, and boats. With the eco-responsible product, you can keep your bathroom smelling fresh,  save up to 50% of toilet paper hence saving money and protecting our environment at the same time. Get your “Pull and Twist” today and reduce your home budget!

About Ready Go Planet

Ready Go Planet is an environmentally friendly company dedicated to developing products the help households protect the environment. The company is founded on the principle of sustainable development with our future generations in mind. Ready Go Planet advocates for economic efficiency, social equity, and environmental conservation.

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