Make Your Condo Unique With These Home Improvement Hacks

Subtle changes here and there can completely transform your home. Here are some tips to make your place one of the most affordable and unique condos in Montreal without blowing your budget:

  1. Re-arrange your bookshelves – Don’t settle with the usual simple arrangement of books on your shelves. You can leave some of them sitting upright but stack two or three books on top of each other. Then, take some smaller pieces of decor like vases, paperweights, and figurines and put them on top of the stack of books in the shelf. It will also look better if they are in the same color family or are matching your whole aesthetic. This will add a nice accent to your cabinets instead of just being a plain old shelf by the wall that is easy to ignore.
  1. Wrap your books in paper with unique designs – Different colors, velvet finish, shimmery paper – anything you prefer that won’t look too over the top. Just make sure that they all harmonize with each other so they don’t clash and mess up the theme you are going for. It also presents a bonus: the paper wrappers will protect your books and will help them last longer. Nothing’s better than that.
  1. Get a unique lamp or spotlight – To add an accent to an otherwise minimalistic room, get a spotlight or bedside lamp that will illuminate your space while reading, or a chandelier that will add a kick to your overall style.
  1. Change your knobs – Whether it’s a doorknob or knobs on your cabinet doors, sprucing them up will add a nice touch to your interior. Change them up to ones with a metallic finish, different colors, or unique and attention grabbing designs.
  1. Hang all the picture frames on one wall – Take your framed photos and paintings and hang them all on one side of the room. It doesn’t matter if the frames don’t match or have a similar coloring. This will give a gallery vibe instead of just plain family picture frames on display. Just make sure that you know when and where to stop.
  1. Get a new shower nozzle – Even the shower nozzle can be revamped. Switch to a wider nozzle that gives a downpour effect.
  1. Paint your ceiling – When painting your walls, don’t neglect the ceiling. It’s easy to ignore because it’s out of reach, but painting the ceiling a different color can go a long way. It greatly impacts how big or small a room looks.
  1. Make a statement by the door – Don’t forget your house numbers. Buy ones that reflect your aesthetic and your personality, so guests immediately know what they’re in for even before they get in the unit.

No matter what you do, remember that what makes a home unique is attention to detail. You don’t have to completely renovate your home. With these tips, I hope you’ll succeed at making your home stand out.

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