How To Seal And Weatherproof Windows In Your Home

Learning how to properly plan for harsh winter weather in advance can mean the difference between a warm house and a drafty one. Before the winter comes, take a few minutes to properly seal and weatherproof the windows in your home with these helpful, effective methods. When the cold air starts to blow, you’ll be glad you did.

Make Sure Your Windows are Up to the Task

Most windows have a shelf life of over twenty years, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be renewed every so often. The first step to successfully weatherproofing a home is making sure each window is still functioning at a high level and able to keep out the cold wind, snow, and moisture. If you’re finding a significant amount of air leaks in your windows, it might be best to invest in a repair service before winter. Renewal by Andersen window replacement is a great option for windows that need repair.

Use DIY Methods

Once each window has been assessed and properly repaired, it’s time to start to sealing up the entryways to keep out drafts. Some of the most reliable ways to seal out the cold air are almost the most cost-effective. Purchasing window film, which shrinks around the window’s borders to trap escaping cold air inside, is a great way to help a house’s insulation. There are also special insulating window drapes available that help to trap the heat inside a room. Removing the trim from each window and putting in rigid foam insulation is also a helpful way to make sure no cold air escapes through the tracks.

Apply Weather Stripping

Weather Stripping is a great option for sealing windows without adding a bunch of unsightly foam or caulking to the outside. Adhesive foam sticks and molds to the window tracks, stopping any air circulation while keeping each window secure in its tracks. By adding weather stripping to your windows, you’re essentially cushioning each window to make sure there’s no dead space for air to escape through. While weather stripping, it also helps to make sure that each window is properly installed and hasn’t suffered any warping over time. One of the main causes of drafts in homes is improper window installation.

Install New Storm Windows

While sealing and insulating the home can prove effective on their own, there’s not much that can beat a newer window model, especially, if that new model is built to withstand the cold better than anything prior. Installing storm windows means that you’ll be ensuring your home against the weather with a tool that’s specially built for keeping cold air out and warm air in. Many newer models feature dual paneling to ensure that no cold air escapes through the window’s tracks, and are built with thicker glass to protect against cracks and weather damage. Make sure the model you choose comes with high-quality weather stripping and insulation built in to guarantee protection against the cold.

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