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Early Signs of a Faulty Foundation

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The beauty and strength of your home are based on the depth of its foundation and footings below. Foundation repair is an integral part of the home maintenance schedule. The sooner you realize issues with your home’s foundation, the better for you. Foundation repair is a costly process, and it should not be left unattended to regardless of how minor it looks. You need to be on the lookout for warning signs that your foundation has issues so that you get a professional to check on it to avoid further damage.

Windows and doors

Doors and windows should fit in place without being snuggly or loose. If your doors and windows don’t fit right, it could be a warning sign that your foundation has an issue. You should also check on the HVAC vents. You need to hire a professional to check on your foundation if you notice windows and doors that just don’t fit right. Also, another sign to look out for is how your garage door fits after you shut it.

Water damage signs

Water damage in your home is an indication of various issues in your home, and foundation issues are one of them. Water also causes damage to your foundation. A lot of water in the soil surrounding your home causes expansion and contractions occur when the soil dries. It results in shifting soil or sand, which produces foundation shift, break or even crumble. That requires immediate professional help to prevent further damage or your homecoming down. Cracks in your foundation encourage water to seep through and result in a pool of water around the house. Also, an unnatural dry soil after watering your yard or after heavy rainfall is another warning sign of cracked or damaged foundation.


Your exterior and interior walls are a warning sign of a foundation that requires fixing. Some amount of settling occurs after a home is constructed. Warping or cracks on walls are an early sign that you need an Austin Texas foundation repair expert sooner than you think. You should be on the lookout for crumbling areas or cracks on your cement or brick walls. Additionally, signs of decay on your wall indicate that your foundation requires repair. Also, issues on your home’s foundation can result in mold signs or water stains on your walls.

Damaged ceilings and floors

Warped parts on your ceiling or sagging floorboard is a possible sign of a faulty foundation. You can place a ball on the floor to find out if the floor level meets the standards. If the ball rolls, you need to call a professional to check on your foundation because it is an indication that your foundation requires some repairs. The ball should stay in place anywhere on the floor. The other thing to look out for is a gap between the interior wall and the floor or the ceiling. The gaps don’t have to be necessarily prominent; you will have to look carefully to notice them.

The only way to save your home from foundation damage is scanning for potential signs of foundation issues. You need to address the problems immediately they appear by calling your trusted foundation expert to work on them. Besides, you should be keen to notice the signs because they usually manifest in unexpected parts of your home.