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Handy Tips for Improving Home Security

Your home and the land surrounding it are your own personal safe retreat, that’s why it is important to keep it well protected from unauthorised entry. There are many ways to secure your property, some can also make your home more aesthetically pleasing such as installing timber bollards or wooden fencing.

Here are some handy tips to help improve the level of security around your home.

Install Timber Bollards

Bollards are used in all types of places from parks to public buildings, they come in a range of different materials and some are better suited to residential installations. If you are planning to install something like timber bollards in Brisbane for a residential property, and you’re looking for the right product, there are several companies in the area who specialise in decorative bollards crafted from wood. Timber bollards offer aesthetic appeal, especially around a residential premise. Whereas iron or aluminium bollards are more suited to public areas like parks or shopping centres. A decorative bollard won’t just protect your home, it also makes the area look good. They are incredibly durable, and they restrict access to your property.

Install Lighting

Another great tip to help secure your home is to place security lighting around the driveway and garden. They can be bought with movement sensors, so they turn on when they detect any intruders on your property. Burglars always look to operate under the cover of darkness, so if you’ve a home which is well lit, they’re less likely to identify your property as an easy target. They’ll move along to the next place which doesn’t offer as many obstacles. Securing lighting can also be left on throughout the night, so you can have lights pointed on your vehicle making it less likely to be stolen. You’ve the option of illuminating your premises with low level lighting that reacts to movement, once it detects motion it turns on at an increased level.

Fit a Burglar Alarm

When fitting a burglar alarm, it is important to make the device visible to everyone. Once a burglar knows your property is fitted with an alarm, they’ll reconsider trying to force entry. It is a worthwhile investment that can also help to lower your insurance premium. If a door is forced open or a window is smashed, a bell will ring bringing attention to the burglar.

Leave Spare Keys in a Safety Box

Many people leave their spare keys under a mat at the front of their door, making it easy for burglars to access. They don’t even have to break in, you’ve left them the keys to your home at your doorstep. But, a wall mounted key safe, in a secret location won’t allow anyone to touch your keys without permission.

The tips mentioned above are only a few small ways to protect your property. Timber bollards are great for keeping unwanted guests out, they’re aesthetically pleasing and unbelievably robust. In addition to fitting decorative bollards, a modern alarm system, a safety box storage unit and security lighting will help to keep your home safe from unauthorised entry.

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