For Riverbow, It Is Better Not To Choose Amagasaki, But To Select The Upper Floor Room

Regardless of the sale or rental, in the case of a place near the river, it would be better to choose the upper floor as much as possible.
If by any chance storm surge or tsunami rushed in and the embankment broke down, it would be better to avoid the first floor.
Even on the second floor, it is not at all.
Although it is about whether 3rd floor is concerned, just in case, if it is over 4 floors of reinforced concrete construction, it will not worry.
In the case of Amagasaki, the other side of the river is a big city.
Therefore, choosing the upper floor may be able to hope for the river in this big city.
This is also the reason why the upper floor is recommended, but on the premise that the veranda is in the direction of the river.
Generally, if there is a veranda on the east side, it will satisfy this condition.
And as close as possible to the riverside as much as possible. It is also a great condition that
Amagasaki leases information is detailed and there
are no buildings that obstruct vision on the east side.
If you become an inhabitant of a room that meets these conditions, you can feel like having conquered a big city while staying in your room.
With Amagasaki’s rental you can do this kind of thing.

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