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Essential Heating and Ventilation Services to Keep Your HVAC Unit in Prime Condition

HVAC units have become a mainstay in modern households. Instead of installing a dedicated heater and air conditioner in each room of the house, most people now prefer installing HVAC units that provide centralised heating and cooling throughout the property. However, while these units are much better when compared to standalone ones, they require a bit more maintenance as compared to their counterparts. If you do not maintain the unit properly, it won’t be long before a series of problems begin to arise. Some common issues that you might have to deal with include:

  • Dust buildup in the vents
  • Filter getting dirty over time
  • Problems with the compressor

Central heating services in Kingston-upon-Thames are provided by numerous companies so you can just call one that’s situated closest to your place. Here are some essential heating and ventilation services that you will need to keep your HVAC unit working smoothly.

Filter Cleaning

Filters need to be properly cleaned in order to ensure smooth performance. Over time, the filters get dirty, which affects the flow of air through the air ducts and the pipes.


Centralised heating and ventilation units need to be properly serviced at least once in a year. Because they are used virtually throughout the year, a proper servicing is needed to clear out the pipes, clean the ducts, and check the condenser carefully. You should schedule a service with a local company at least once before the summer seasons begin.

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